Challenger Division $75.00               We accept cash and all major credit cards.
T-Ball Division $95.00
Farm/Minor Divisions $115.00                   No Checks Accepted
Major/Junior Divisions $125.00
Family Cap $275.00, 10% Off does not apply

Get on our Roster

Please bring COPIES of the following:

Birth Certificate

(copies - no abstracts will be accepted).

Driver’s license or ID card and

One (1) item from each of the following categories:

Utility bill (ie: gas, electric, water, trash, home phone, cable etc).

Personal Records (ie: federal or state tax, welfare, child

support payment, player’s report card w/address,

car registration, voter registration etc).

Mortgage or tenant records.

(We need to have a total of 3 different types of proofs  of residency that are dated between 02/01/16-01/31/17, have matching street addresses and all have the same name).


Saturday, 12/10/2016  12pm- 5pm**

Tuesday,   01/10/2017   5pm- 8pm**

Thursday, 01/12/2017   5pm- 8pm

Tuesday,  01/24/2017    5pm- 8pm

Thursday, 01/26/2017    5pm- 8pm


All Sign ups will be held at:

The Rosamond Community Building

3200 Glendower St.

Rosamond, Ca


**Receive a 10% discount at these sign up dates.

2017 Registration